Google My Business App Has Been Stopped Forever (2022). How to Manage Google Business Profile?

Google My Business App has been stopped forever. Although Google has already announced this back in April 2022. No users can no longer download or use the Google My Business App.

Now, you can’t manage your business profile, interact with customers, or view insights on the iOS and Android versions of the Google My Business mobile app. Because the Google My Business app is no longer available.

People are wondering what to do now? How to manage Google Business Profile?

Here were have come up with a replacement for Google My Business and it is “Google Business Profile Growth Manager”.

Let’s dive into more about this amazing free tool to operate Google Business Profile.

What is Google Business Profile Growth Manager (GBPGM)?

Google Business Profile Growth Manager is a free tool to manage your Google Business Profile ( f.k.a. Google My Business). This tool has web, mobile, and desktop versions compatible with all operating systems. This application which is free has a lot more features than what was there in the Google My Business app. This app helps you create, update and manage your Google Business Profile in a much easier manner than Google’s own app.

If you want to grow your Google Business Profile the tool has several features to try your hands on. This will improve your Local SEO too and help you get more leads and sales.

What can Google Business Profile Growth Manager do for you?

Google Business Profile Growth Manager performs all programs that the Google My Business app could do. Apart from that, it has several other benefits too. Let’s check them in the below-mentioned points:

  1. Create A New Google Business Profile Account. You can add or claim your business to have it displayed on Google.
  2. Manage your existing Google Business Account. You can edit your business information like your address, working hours, services, or pictures.
  3. View insights into your business.
  4. Schedule Posts and media which was not possible in Google My Business App.
  5. This tool lets you respond to messages or calls from your potential or existing customers and set up notifications for your mobile phones.

Benefits of Google Business Profile Growth Manager

  1. This tool helps you monitor your Google Business Profile also known as Google Maps. This helps you stay much ahead of your competitors. Your Local SEO will improve and you will get more leads and footfall.
  2. The automation of activities like the post and media scheduling, citation manager, review auto review, etc. helps you to maintain a regularity on GBP. The consistency and regularity help you rank better in SERP and you can easily make it to Google 3-Pack quickly.
  3. You can save your man hours by automating the repetitive task of posting images, and photos, and replying to reviews. Citation management and post scheduling is a time-consuming task and you can provide access rights and logins to your employees and let them manage relevant locations with easy Google authorization. This way you can save a lot of your time and effort.
  4. This tool can let you create a new Google Business Profile or even group multiple locations of the same business for posting or scheduling posts and media at one go. This will reduce your time in posting media and pictures for different locations of the same business.

Features of Google Business Profile Growth Manager Tool

  1. Manage Your Google Business Profile

This tool can be amazingly useful when Google Business Profile has been stopped. The tool is very simple and easy to use and its free version itself has more features than the Google My Business App. This tool can add or create Google Business Profile, post or schedule content and monitor the growth of your Google Business Profile.

  1. Group Multiple Locations

This tool has a grouping feature. By using this you can group different locations of same business and schedule the posts at the same time without repeating the process for multiple locations.

This automation leads to saving your enormous time.

  1. Easy Interface to Manage Scheduled Content

The super easy interface of this tool allows you to manage and edit the scheduled posts or media. Here you can get the report of the live and rejected posts too. You get the link of live content to be shared across other platforms too for more reach.

  1. Auto Reply for the Reviews Received

Here is an amazing feature to set an auto-reply to reviews based on the star rating given This will save a lot of time and no delay in replying to reviews. Although you can edit the reply as you get time.

  1. Citation Builder 

The citation manager helps you create citations more easily with the help of the citation websites library provided. You can keep data of clients and your business for the citations created, get the status and reports too to share with the clients.

  1. Health Score of Your Google Business Profile

This tool has a feature to show your Google Business Profile’s health score by considering the necessary parameters. By analyzing this you can work upon those parameters to improve the health score to rank on 3 packs of Google Maps Results.

  1. Manage Google Auto Updates

When Google auto updates your GBP and asks you to update it, you can accept one at a time and leave others. This feature is available in this tool only.

  1. Custom Review Link

You can generate a customized review link and QR code to give a personalized effect. This will help you get more reviews for your business.

  1. Insights

In this tool you not only can see the insights for your business but can download it for your easy reference. This is very useful for agencies as they can share the full insights report with their clients directly from here.

  1. Rejected Post Notification

Google never informs you about the rejected posts, but with our tool, you will be notified of the rejected posts. This will help you rectify your posts and repost them.

Final Words

All business owners and agencies got the email notification that Google My Business App is no longer available. This created a lot of concern among them since all of them were familiar to use the Google My Business App to manage their Google Business Profile.

But the GOOD NEWS here is that Google Business Profile Growth Manager has all and more than what Google’s app had. This is absolutely free to use and its premium version has a lot more to grow your Google Business Profile and give you a competitive advantage over your competitors.

So what are you waiting for start using this substitute for the Google My Business App.

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