How to Get More Google Reviews for Your Business and Attract New Customers?

Get more Google Reviews because a single review has more power to sway readers than a whole website.

Think back to the last time you searched for a place to have lunch with your family on Google. You enter “Chinese Food” and got the list of results. There are several Chinese restaurants there, and what you should focus on are the ratings and reviews. The distinction between 3 and 5 ratings is sufficient to persuade them to visit the competitor’s restaurants. And a good review is always preferable to a bad one.

A higher authority for the business and better exposure to your Google business listing are also indicators of more favorable Google reviews.

What is an Ideal Google review?

The ideal review for your company should include five stars and a longer, more in-depth description.

Consider that you are a Makeup studio owner who wants to rank highly in search results for the term “bridal makeup service.” Making sure that this term appears in the review that your satisfied clients leave you is the greatest method to do this. For that, we have a fantastic tool, which you will find very useful. This tool helps you generate your customized Google Review link and a review poster in your preferred language. Also, it will suggest to your customers the best fit keywords which they can use while giving you the review. This way you can get reviews from customers with your keywords.

I am aware that asking for feedback or reviews might be embarrassing or awkward. However, the reality is that many prefer to give their reviews online over speaking out in person.

In the article below, I’ll explain how to solicit reviews and increase the number of Google reviews for your company or business.

I’ll give you a few excellent examples of asking questions that have produced positive results for us, and other organizations, and surely be helpful for your business too.

 How Getting More Google Reviews will helpful for your Business?

  • Before using any company’s products or services, users usually read the online Google Reviews first.
  • The authority of your Google Business Profile improves by getting more Google reviews.
  • Consumers that read online reviews are more likely to use your business for longer and return more willingly and gladly.
  • Google reviews always impact customers’ buying decisions.
  • Online reviews improve your company’s Google business profile visibility.
  • Approximately 85% of users regard internet reviews as trustworthy, much like a personal recommendation.
  • When a person reads favorable customer testimonials that explain how a business or product resolved an issue for them, the likelihood that they will purchase the good or service increases dramatically.

Tips to Get More Google Reviews for Your Business

Here is a comprehensive list of ready-made Tips to get more Google reviews. They’ll probably aid in boosting your authority and visibility on Google, which will result in more people purchasing your goods or services.

1. Google Review Poster

What would it be? If I tell you about a tool that can provide you with a customized printable poster for your business to ask for reviews with a unique QR code. You must be very glad and like to know about the tool, isn’t so? So the tool is Google Review Link Generator

As a business owner, you can design a customized review poster for your business in our tool and show it to your customers.

google review poster blue

Well, I have some ideas where you can show the poster to get more Google Reviews.

  1. You can hang it on the entrance or exit of your shop, store, office, boutique, restaurant or salon, etc.
  2. To get the review you can place the Google review poster on a table where customers are seated.
  3. One of the best ways is to display it in the reception area or waiting area.
  4. You can give it to your customers after they buy a product.
  5. Run an email campaign to your customers.
  6. When you are delivering your products you can send a flyer asking for a Google review.
  7. One more way is to add your online review poster as the last page in your menu or catalog.
  8. Add the Google review poster to your website.

There can be several other ways too. You need to be creative to find those.

We developed the Google review poster tool because we are aware of how important Google reviews are to the success of your company, we developed the Google review poster tool.

Each poster has a headline with a distinct call to action, a special QR code, and a user guide for your clients. It is important that the customers should use the right words or phrases to describe your company, your products, or your services. Using our tool, you can offer suggestions for what they should cover in their review. Additionally, there is a manual Google review link that your clients can use.

Check how Google Review Poster Works

2. Discount Offer against Review

Try to think of a situation where you are asked to leave a review and for that, you will be given some reward, you will surely leave a review. So as a business owner, you can offer some deals, discounts, cash back, a free cup of coffee etc. to your customers to leave a review about your products or service.

Also, make sure you should not compel them to write a review that you want. The customer should write a genuine review about your business.

This tip will indeed work for you to get more Google reviews.

3.  Don’t request for review – Offer to leave a review

It makes you look desperate to ask for reviews from every customer.

Asking every customer to leave a review for your business doesn’t look good, and we understand that doing so can feel desperate – asking or begging customers to leave reviews.

Rather than directly asking the question, “Will you leave a Google review for our company?”, you can say : “I am delighted that you are happy with our service. That is extremely important for us. Please share your opinion with others if you have time. You may, for instance, search for our company on Google and do so. Enjoy your day. Thank you and welcome back.” 🙂

Giving the buyer a flyer with your customized QR code created in your profile in Local SEO Tools and Tips at this stage will make things simpler.

4. SMS Message or Summary email to customer

Have you rendered a service or made a sale of something? Are you sending your customer a summary email to thank them for their purchase, along with an invoice and other documents?

You are welcome to include a clause stating that since Google reviews are important to your firm, it would be wonderful if the client submitted a review on your business’s Google profile.

Knowing how to ask for a Google review correctly will increase your chances of getting more Google reviews in the first place.

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Final Thoughts on Getting More Google Reviews

In conclusion, customer reviews play a critical role in how well your local business is positioned on Google. They not only help you rank higher, but they also help people trust your brand more. Reading a favourable Google review encourages potential clients to use your services and increases their likelihood of doing so.

Utilize our Google Review Poster to maintain the constant flow of new reviews. We promise you’ll cut down on time and enhance client satisfaction in your company. Using the Google Review tool helps you get more reviews and you will end up attracting more new customers

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