Google Review Poster – A Powerful Way to Get more Google Reviews

Google Review Poster – A Powerful Way to Get More Google Reviews

The success of your business and your SEO strategy depend on Google Reviews. 89% of individuals, according to studies, read customer reviews before making a purchase. Therefore, if your company doesn’t have positive reviews, you can be losing out on a lot of customers.

The rankings of your business on Google Search is another crucial reason to focus on collecting reviews. To ensure that your business appears for local searches, make sure your Google My Business (GMB) profile is set up.

Take a look at your competitors while you’re here. One thing you can notice right away is how your competitors rank higher than you. This might be as a result of additional Google reviews, which are raising their rankings, very well.

Don’t worry, though, as obtaining reviews doesn’t have to be very difficult. Your business should be climbing the rankings in no time.

But it has nothing to worry about collecting Google reviews.

In this blog, I am going to share with you a powerful way to get more Google reviews with Google Review Poster.

So let’s get started.

What is a Google Review Poster?

Google Review Poster is a feature provided in Local SEO Tool viz. “Google Business Profile Growth Manager (GBPGM)”. The Google Review Poster helps you get more Google Reviews in a very easy manner.

This is a kind of poster which you can print and use it at the appropriate places. This attracts the customers to rate you without you asking for reviews directly from customers. The poster is very attractive and the features available in it make it easy for the users to review your business. We are going to learn about its features later in this article.

How to Use Google Review Poster?

Go to  (use the email id with which you have created your Google Business Profile)

  1. You will see the below screen, Log in with your Gmail ID or Google Authentication
  2. login screen local seo toolNow you have to click on get started 
  3. You will find the list of businesses you have created with your mail id or you have access to with this email Id ( in case you are an agency). Select the Business you want to operate.
  4. You will see the dashboard below and at the bottom, you will find the tab Review Poster which you need to click.
  5. google review poster dashboardNow your review poster image will open, where you can choose the color, and language and put the keywords that best describe your business.
  6. google review poster imageYour poster is ready to print. The print button is on the right-hand side.

google review poster blue

Features of Google Review Poster?

Google Review Poster has many features as mentioned below that are useful for businesses to collect more reviews:

  1. Create your Customized Google Review Poster
  2. You can choose a color that suits or matches your brand or business
  3. Easy to mention the keywords that describe your business.
  4. Customers just need to scan the code and review your business.
  5. Take the printout or download the PDF of the review poster and use it to manage your reviews.

How Google Review Poster Can Get You More Reviews?

As a business owner, you can design a customized Google review poster for your business in our Free local SEO tool and show it to your customers.

Well, I have some ideas where you can show the poster to get more Google Reviews.

  1. You can hang it at the entrance or exit of your shop, store, office, boutique, restaurant or salon, etc.
  2. To get the review you can place the review poster on a table where customers are seated in case of restaurants, cafeterias, etc..
  3. One of the best ways is to display it in the reception area or waiting area.
  4. You can give it to your customers after they buy a product.
  5. Run an email campaign for your customers.
  6. When you are delivering your products you can send a flyer asking for a Google review.
  7. One more way is to add your online review poster as the last page in your menu or catalog.
  8. Add the review poster to your website.

There can be several other ways too. You need to be creative to find those.web sign up GBPGM to improve local SEO

We developed the Google review poster tool because we are aware of how important Google reviews are to the success of your company, we developed the Google review poster tool.

Each poster has a headline with a distinct call to action, a special QR code, and a user guide for your clients. It is important that the customers should use the right words or phrases to describe your company, your products, or your services. Using our tool, you can offer suggestions for what they should cover in their review. Additionally, there is a manual Google review link that your clients can use.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, customer reviews are extremely important for your local business’s Google ranking. They not only help you rank higher but also increase consumer confidence in your business. The likelihood that a potential customer will employ your services increases after reading a positive Google review.

Use our Google Review Poster to keep the stream of fresh reviews coming in. We guarantee that you’ll save time and improve customer satisfaction in your business. You can get more reviews by using the Google Review service, which will help you draw in more new customers.

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