GBPGM vs. Localo: A Comprehensive and In-Depth Comparison

Welcome to our guide, where we break down the tools that make your business shine online! In today’s digital age, having a top-notch Google Business Profile is crucial for attracting customers. Meet two powerful tools: Google Business Profile Manager (GBPGM) and Localo. They each bring cool features to boost your Google Business Profile and online visibility. We’re going to compare them in detail, checking out what they can do, how easy they are to use, and the perks they offer. By the end, you’ll have the lowdown to pick the right tool for your business. Let’s dive into the world of GBPGM vs. Localo and get your business on the digital map!

GBPGM vs. Localo: A Comprehensive and In-Depth Comparison

A. Google Business Profile Manager (GBPGM)

GBPGM is an innovative tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to revolutionize Google Business Profile management. It caters to businesses of all sizes, providing a wide range of cutting-edge features, making it ideal for agencies managing multiple Google Business Profiles.

  • Auto Custom Review Reply using AI: GBPGM’s AI-powered review management feature automates responses to customer reviews. The AI algorithm understands the context and generates personalized replies, maintaining a positive brand image and improving customer engagement.
  • Review Suggestions using AI: GBPGM offers AI-generated review suggestions based on keywords, helping businesses craft relevant and impactful reviews that resonate with potential customers, enhancing the business’s online reputation.
  • Review Poster: GBPGM allows businesses to easily create and publish reviews on their Google Business Profiles. This feature enables showcasing positive reviews and testimonials, highlighting strengths and attracting more customers.
  • Category Finder: GBPGM assists businesses in finding relevant and suitable categories for their Google Business Profiles, improving visibility in relevant search results and reaching the target audience more effectively.
  • Local Rank Search: GBPGM enables businesses to track their rankings in local search results, monitoring keyword performance to adjust SEO strategies and gain a competitive edge.
  • Geo Grid Scan: GBPGM allows analyzing online presence across different geographic areas, identifying gaps and opportunities to optimize profiles for specific regions and attract local customers.It Also provides advanced scan options with scan scheduling and download reports in pdf and excel sheet.
  • Citation Manager: GBPGM helps businesses track and manage online citations across various platforms, ensuring consistent and accurate business information for better local SEO performance. It provides a complete AI based CRM to manage the links created with auto AI content creation for the citations.
  • Audit Tools: GBPGM provides comprehensive audit tools evaluating profile health, keyword performance, and content optimization, identifying areas for improvement and enhancing online presence.
  • Handy Links: GBPGM offers quick access to important resources and tools for effective Google Business Profile management, streamlining workflow and access to essential functions.
  • Website Audit Tools: GBPGM’s Website Audit Tools help businesses assess website performance and SEO-friendliness, offering valuable suggestions for improved visibility and user experience.

download from google play store GBPGM

B. Localo

Localo is a versatile tool designed to enhance business owners’ work by offering local citation management, review response automation, and business directory listings. Its features aim to reach more customers and improve Google search rankings.

  • Google Review Management Tool: Localo’s AI-powered tool provides ready-made review responses and customizable templates, enabling businesses to respond to multiple reviews with a single click, saving time and establishing positive customer relationships.
  • Local Citation Management: Localo ensures consistent and accurate business information across various directories, improving search engine rankings and customer trust, but they provide only names of listing directories and not the CMS to manage the links.
  • Business Directory Listings: Localo helps businesses get listed in the right directories, increasing visibility and opportunities for customer discovery.
  • Monitoring and Analytics: Localo provides growth statistics, position checker, and monitoring tools to track keyword rankings, profile performance, website visits, and competitor analysis.
  • Google Position Checker:  Localo provides a Google Position Checker this helps in checking your company’s visibility in Google in multiple spots in the area. Though they are providing this feature still it is very limiting in comparison to what GBPGM has to offer. As GBPGM  provides advanced scan options with scan scheduling and download reports in pdf and excel sheet.

GBPGM vs. Localo | Features and Functionality Comparison

To offer a comprehensive comparison, let’s explore the array of features provided by both tools, highlighting the unique advantages of each:

Features Google Business Profile Manager (GBPGM) Free Google Business Profile Manager (GBPGM) Agency Localo
User Access Single Six
Number of Locations Unlimited Unlimited One to four 

( depending on the plan)

Number of Premium Locations 5 One to four

( depending on the plan)

Geo Tag Images Monthly 15 Unlimited
Schedule Posts 10 once 150 Monthly
Schedule Images Monthly 10 once 150 Monthly
Post Unlimited Posts
Post Unlimited Images
Get Health Score of GBP
Auto Reply GBP Profile Reviews
Add Custom Services
Add & Reply Question Answers
Custom Review Link
Citation Manager

( Only Ctation Websites)

Review Poster
Reply to Messages
Auto Review Suggestion Creation ( Using AI )
Auto Description Content Creation ( Using AI )
Auto Post creation ( Using AI )
Saving Auto Review with Exclusive Sharable Link
Auto Deletion of Suggested Review after Use
Custom Review Reply using AI
Audit Reports
Audit Reports Analysis
Category Finder limited
Local Search Rank limited
Geo Grid Checker limited
Geo Grid Advanced Scans
Health Audit
Price Free $720 annually $1390 annually (5 Locations)

download from google play store GBPGMWatch the Complete Tutorial of GBPGM

Advantages of GBPGM vs. Localo

  • Review Management Efficiency

GBPGM’s AI-powered review management tool not only suggests responses to customer reviews but also offers auto-custom review replies. This streamlines the process of addressing customer feedback, ensuring timely and personalized responses. 

In conrast, Localo focuses on review response automation but may not provide the same level of customization and efficiency in handling reviews.

  • Content Creation and Optimization

GBPGM’s AI-based content creation feature generates well-structured and SEO-optimized descriptions and captions for posts. It uses natural language processing to tailor content to each business’s target audience, improving search engine visibility and customer engagement. 

Localo offers limited AI-driven content creation, potentially requiring businesses to invest more manual effort in optimizing their content. It requires to be upgraded to the premium whereas GBPGM offers AI content in it’s free plan as well.

  • Post Analytics

GBPGM’s post management system provides insights into post analytics, allowing businesses to track audience interaction rates and adjust their content strategies accordingly. These analytics offer valuable data on post performance and customer preferences.

Localo does not offer the same level of detailed post engagement analytics, limiting businesses’ ability to measure the impact of their content.

  • Customizable Review Reply Templates

GBPGM allows businesses to create custom review reply templates using AI. This feature ensures that businesses can maintain a consistent brand voice while responding to reviews.

Localo may offer review reply automation, but it might lack the flexibility of creating personalized templates.

  • Keyword Insights and Monitoring

GBPGM’s AI-driven keyword insights report enables businesses to analyze keyword trends in local search results, helping them refine their SEO strategies.

Localo’s focus on citation management and review automation may not include keyword insights and monitoring capabilities.

  • Mobile App Integration

GBPGM offers a mobile app that allows businesses to manage their Google Business Profiles conveniently on-the-go. Accessing essential features via a mobile app provides added flexibility and accessibility.

Localo’s platform does not include a mobile app, potentially limiting remote profile management capabilities.

  • Custom Report Generation

GBPGM’s ability to generate custom reports empowers businesses to receive in-depth insights into their Google Business Profile’s performance. Reports can help businesses tailor data analysis to specific metrics and KPIs.

Localo’s reporting capabilities are limited in comparison.

  • Google Business Profile Insights

GBPGM provides comprehensive insights into a business’s Google Business Profile health, keyword performance, and content optimization. These insights help businesses identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions.

Localo’s focus on citation management and review automation may not encompass the same breadth of insights.

  • Ease of Use and User Interface

GBPGM’s user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it easy for businesses of all sizes to navigate the platform efficiently. Its AI-driven features seamlessly integrate into the workflow, reducing the learning curve.

Localo’s interface and user experience may vary, and businesses should consider usability in their decision-making process.

download from google play store GBPGMWatch the Complete Tutorial of GBPGM


In conclusion, Google Business Profile Manager (GBPGM) emerges as a standout choice, offering a holistic and AI-powered solution to elevate Google Business Profiles. Its cutting-edge automation, content creation, review management, and SEO insights present businesses with invaluable resources for triumphing in the online realm. While Localo has its merits, it falls short of the extensive AI capabilities and comprehensive toolset provided by GBPGM.

When deciding on the right tool for managing Google Business Profiles, businesses should weigh the features and pricing carefully. Notably, GBPGM stands out with its exceptional features and, importantly, a pricing structure that is notably lower compared to Localo. This combination of advanced functionality and cost-effectiveness positions GBPGM as the preferred choice for businesses aiming to optimize their online presence. Therefore, a thoughtful consideration of individual needs and preferences strongly leans towards GBPGM as the superior option for effective Google Business Profile management.

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