GBPGM vs. GMB Everywhere: A Comprehensive and In-Depth Comparison

Embark on a journey through the dynamic realm of Google Business Profile optimization with our in-depth exploration of ‘GBPGM vs. GMB Everywhere.’ In the digital age, mastering the intricacies of your Google Business Profile is paramount for staying ahead in the competitive online landscape. Join us as we dissect the unique offerings of Google Business Profile Manager (GBPGM) and GMB Everywhere, two formidable tools designed to elevate your profile and gain a distinct edge in the ever-evolving digital marketplace. Let’s delve into their functionalities, user experiences, and advantages, empowering you to make informed decisions tailored to your business needs and preferences.

Understanding: GBPGM vs. GMB Everywhere

A. Google Business Profile Manager (GBPGM)

GBPGM is an innovative tool that revolutionizes Google Business Profile management with the power of artificial intelligence. Designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, GBPGM offers a plethora of cutting-edge features, making it an ideal choice for agencies looking to efficiently manage multiple Google Business Profiles.

  • Auto Custom Review Reply using AI: GBPGM’s AI-powered review management feature automates the process of responding to customer reviews. The AI algorithm understands the context of each review and generates personalized responses that maintain a positive brand image and improve customer engagement. This saves businesses time and effort while ensuring timely and professional responses to customer feedback.
  • Review Suggestions using AI: GBPGM’s AI offers review suggestions based on keywords. This feature assists businesses in crafting relevant and meaningful reviews, encouraging customers to leave feedback that resonates with potential customers and enhances the business’s online reputation.
  • Review Poster: GBPGM’s Review Poster allows businesses to easily create and publish reviews on their Google Business Profiles. This feature enables businesses to showcase positive reviews and testimonials, highlighting their strengths and attracting more customers.
  • Category Finder: GBPGM’s Category Finder assists businesses in finding the most relevant and suitable categories for their Google Business Profiles. By selecting accurate categories, businesses improve their visibility in relevant search results, reaching their target audience more effectively.
  • Local Rank Search: GBPGM’s Local Rank Search feature enables businesses to track their rankings in local search results. By monitoring keyword performance, businesses can adjust their SEO strategies to improve their rankings and gain a competitive edge.
  • Geo Grid Scan: GBPGM’s Geo Grid Scan allows businesses to analyze their online presence across different geographic areas. By identifying gaps and opportunities, businesses can optimize their profiles to target specific regions and attract local customers.
  • Citation Manager: GBPGM’s Citation Manager helps businesses track and manage their online citations across various platforms. Consistent and accurate citations enhance a business’s credibility and improve its local SEO performance.
  • Audit Tools: GBPGM provides comprehensive audit tools that evaluate various aspects of a business’s Google Business Profile. These tools offer insights into profile health, keyword performance, and content optimization, enabling businesses to identify areas for improvement and enhance their online presence.
  • Handy Links: GBPGM’s Handy Links feature provides quick access to important resources and tools for managing a Google Business Profile effectively. It streamlines the workflow and ensures businesses have easy access to essential functions.
  • Website Audit Tools: GBPGM’s Website Audit Tools help businesses assess the performance and SEO-friendliness of their websites. This feature offers valuable suggestions and improvements to enhance the website’s visibility and user experience.

Overall, GBPGM offers a comprehensive suite of AI-driven features that streamline review management, provide valuable insights, and optimize a business’s online presence for better visibility and success in the competitive digital landscape.

B. GMB Everywhere

GMB Everywhere is a powerful tool that focuses on Google My Business (GMB) audits, local SEO, and competitor analysis. Its Chrome extension seamlessly integrates with Google Search, Google Maps, and other platforms, providing businesses with valuable insights to improve their online visibility.

The tool offers local SEO insights, which are essential for understanding how your business performs in local search results and identifying opportunities for improvement.

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GBPGM vs. GMB Everywhere Features and Functionality Comparison

To offer a comprehensive comparison, let’s explore the array of features provided by both tools, highlighting the unique advantages of each:

Features Google Business Profile Manager (GBPGM) Free Google Business Profile Manager (GBPGM) Agency GMB Everywhere
User Access Single Six
Number of Locations unlimited unlimited unlimited
Number of Premium locations 5 1
Geo Tag Images Monthly 15 Unlimited
Schedule Posts 10 once 150 Monthly
Schedule Images Monthly 10 once 150 Monthly
Post Unlimited Posts
Post Unlimited Images
Get Health Score of GBP
Detailed Health Score
Auto Reply GBP Profile Reviews
Add Custom Services
Add & Reply Question Answers
Custom Review Link
Citation Manager
Review Poster
Reply to Messages
Auto Review Suggestion Creation ( Using AI )
Auto Description Content Creation ( Using AI )
Auto Post Content Creation ( Using AI )
Saving Auto Review with Exclusive Sharable Link
Auto Deletion of Suggested Review after Use
Custom Review Reply using AI
Audit Reports
Audit Reports Analysis
Category Finder limited
Local Search Rank limited

download from google play store GBPGMWatch the Complete Tutorial of GBPGM

Advantages: GBPGM vs. GMB Everywhere

1. Unparalleled AI-Powered Automation

Google Business Profile Manager (GBPGM) stands out with its exceptional AI-powered automation, making it an indispensable tool for agencies and businesses alike. With GBPGM’s cutting-edge AI capabilities, businesses can streamline and optimize various aspects of their Google Business Profiles effortlessly.

  • AI-Based Description Generation: GBPGM’s AI algorithm utilizes natural language processing and machine learning to analyze and then automatically generates well-structured and SEO-optimized descriptions and captions for posts that accurately represent the business and attract potential customers. This feature saves businesses time and effort while ensuring their profiles are optimized for search engine visibility.
  • Automatic Review Replies: GBPGM’s AI-powered review management feature allows businesses to automate responses to customer reviews. The AI algorithm understands the context of reviews and generates personalized responses that maintain a positive brand image and improve customer engagement. Businesses can efficiently address customer feedback, ensuring a timely and professional response to every review.

Unlike GBPGM, GMB Everywhere does not offer AI-driven automation for various profile management tasks. This means businesses using GMB Everywhere may need to invest more manual effort and time in tasks like review responses, content creation, and post scheduling.

2. Advanced Post Management

GBPGM’s advanced post management capabilities set it apart from GMB Everywhere, as it leverages powerful AI-driven features to enhance content creation, scheduling, and distribution for multiple Google Business Profiles.

  • AI-Based Post Generation: GBPGM’s AI algorithm scans industry trends  and relevant keywords related to the particular business to create engaging and shareable posts tailored to each business’s target audience. This AI-powered approach ensures that businesses consistently produce high-quality content that resonates with their customers, ultimately driving greater audience engagement and improving brand visibility. This can also critique your posts by checking if it is under the character limits, if the Geo Tags are used, and if the relevant keywords are also utilised,
  • Efficient Post Scheduling: GBPGM’s AI-powered post scheduling feature allows businesses to plan and schedule posts in advance. By analyzing user behavior and engagement patterns, the user can strategically determine the optimal times for posting to maximize audience reach and interaction rates. This automated scheduling ensures a steady stream of content, maintaining a consistent online presence without the need for manual intervention.
  • Multi-Profile Integration: GBPGM’s advanced post management extends beyond a single Google Business Profile. The platform offers a unique grouping feature that allows businesses to manage and post content across multiple Google Business Profiles at once. By creating groups of related business locations, businesses can streamline content distribution, saving valuable time and effort. When a post is scheduled for a group, GBPGM automatically posts the same media across all the locations added to that group, ensuring consistent messaging and branding.

In contrast, GMB Everywherelacks such sophisticated AI capabilities in post management. Without AI-based post generation and automated scheduling, businesses using GMB Everywhere may need to manually create and schedule content for each Google Business Profile separately. This can be time-consuming, especially for businesses with multiple locations, and may result in inconsistent posting schedules and content quality.

3. Enhanced Local SEO Insights

While both tools offer local SEO insights, GBPGM goes the extra mile with AI-based review analysis and citation submission and tracking. These features enhance local SEO strategies, leading to improved online visibility and search rankings.

4. Precise Competitor Analysis

GBPGM’s ability to audit both Google My Business profiles and competitors’ profiles empowers businesses with actionable insights. While GMB Everywhere offers a “Teleport to Competitor Location” feature, GBPGM focuses on delivering data-driven analytics for a more strategic advantage.

5. Customized Review Generation using AI

With AI-driven review generation, GBPGM enables businesses to receive customized and relevant reviews that resonate with potential customers. The AI algorithm analyzes and creates personalized reviews tailored to the business. This approach encourages customers to leave reviews that are specific and meaningful, increasing the likelihood of positive feedback and enhancing the business’s online reputation.

On the other hand, GMB Everywhere does not offer this level of personalized review generation, relying on a standard review collection method for your profile may not yield as targeted or impactful reviews.

6. Citation Management and Tracking

GBPGM’s citation management feature aids businesses in tracking and managing their online citations across various platforms. This ensures consistent and accurate business information throughout the web. The AI-powered citation tracking system alerts businesses of any inconsistencies or inaccuracies and checks if the links are working or not, allowing business owners to take prompt action to maintain a strong online presence. 

In contrast, GMB Everywhere offers basic citation tracking but lacks the AI-driven capabilities of GBPGM, which may result in delayed detection of citation errors and potential negative impacts on local SEO.

7. Local Keyword Tracking

With GBPGM, businesses can track their rankings for specific local keywords in real-time, allowing them to adjust their local SEO efforts accordingly. The AI-driven keyword tracking system monitors keyword performance in local search results, providing businesses with valuable information on keyword trends and potential areas for improvement. 

On the other hand, GMB Everywhere lacks real-time local keyword tracking, which may hinder businesses’ ability to respond quickly to changes in keyword rankings and adapt their SEO strategies accordingly.

8. Data Security and Privacy

GBPGM places a strong emphasis on data security and privacy. The platform employs robust encryption and follows industry best practices to safeguard businesses’ sensitive information and customer data. Additionally, GBPGM adheres to data protection regulations, ensuring businesses’ compliance with relevant laws. 

While GMB Everywhere takes data security seriously, it may not offer the same level of encryption and compliance measures as GBPGM, potentially posing greater risks to data integrity.

9. Customer Support and Training

GBPGM provides dedicated customer support and training resources to assist businesses in utilizing the platform effectively. The support team is readily available to address any queries or issues, while comprehensive training materials and webinars help businesses maximize the benefits of GBPGM. 

GMB Everywhere also offers customer support, but its resources and training materials may be more limited than those provided by GBPGM, potentially impacting businesses’ onboarding and adoption experiences.

10. Cost-Effectiveness and Value

When considering cost-effectiveness and value, GBPGM’s comprehensive suite of AI-driven features and functionalities offers businesses a versatile and powerful solution at a competitive price point. The platform’s time-saving automation, data-driven insights, and improved online visibility make it a valuable investment for businesses looking to enhance their Google Business Profiles and overall online presence. 

While GMB Everywhere may offer a higher entry cost, it still lacks certain AI-driven features and extensive functionalities may limit the long-term value it provides compared to GBPGM.

download from google play store GBPGMWatch the Complete Tutorial of GBPGM


In this comprehensive comparison of GBPGM vs. GMB Everywhere, Google Business Profile Manager (GBPGM) emerges as the superior choice for managing Google Business Profiles effectively. Its AI-powered automation, advanced post management, and enhanced local SEO insights make it a versatile and indispensable tool for businesses and agencies.

With GBPGM, you can harness the power of AI to optimize your Google Business Profiles, streamline post scheduling, improve local SEO strategies, and gain a competitive edge in your industry. Moreover, GBPGM’s custom report generation ensures that you have access to data-driven insights to make informed decisions.

The 30-day money-back guarantee* provides added peace of mind, allowing you to explore the full potential of GBPGM without any risk. Empower your business with the ultimate Google Business Profile management solution today. Embrace GBPGM’s advanced AI capabilities and elevate your online presence to new heights of success. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the transformational power of GBPGM in transforming your Google Business Profiles. Act now and unlock the full potential of your online marketing efforts!

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