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In the ever-competitive world of local SEO, ranking high on Google Maps is crucial for attracting customers and driving business growth. But how do you track your progress and identify areas for improvement? This is where Geo Grid Analysis come in. The Geo Grid Analysis is a powerful tool that provides valuable insights into your Google Business profile’s performance across different geographic locations. By using the Geo Grid Checker provided in GBPGM Tool, you can identify the areas where your profile is thriving and discover untapped opportunities for growth.

What is a Geo Grid Checker?

A Geo-Grid Checker is a powerful tool that dissects your target area into a grid-like system. This granular approach goes beyond basic location tracking, providing precise insights into how your Google Business Profile (GBP) ranks in specific zones.

Why Use a Geo Grid Checker?

Here’s how a Geo-Grid Checker with GBPGM can supercharge your local SEO strategy:

  • Precision Insights: Ditch the vague red and green pins! GBPGM offers pinpoint accuracy, revealing exactly where your GBP ranks within your target area. This allows you to make data-driven decisions to optimize your SEO efforts for maximum impact.
  • Location Authority Analysis: Identify the top-ranking GBPs in your area. Analyze their strategies and leverage their strengths to improve your own profile. GBPGM can help you learn from the best and climb the local search rankings.
  • Competitor Monitoring: Keep a close eye on your competitors’ rankings. Track their movements, identify up-and-coming threats, and adjust your strategy accordingly. GBPGM empowers you to stay ahead of the competition in the local market.
  • Track Progress Over Time: Monitor your ranking journey with GBPGM scan history. Analyze historical data to identify improvements, pinpoint areas needing work, and constantly refine your local SEO strategy.
  • Deep Dive with GBPGM Insights: GBPGM offers a powerful “Insights” section. Gain insights into prominent areas within your target zone, analyze average performance across locations, and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Actionable Insights: GBPGM insights goes beyond just data. It provides actionable to-do lists with laser focus, broken down week by week or by start date and end date. This empowers you to take immediate steps to improve your rankings and achieve local SEO dominance.

Who Needs a Geo Grid Checker?

If you’re a business owner, marketer, or SEO specialist focused on local search visibility, a Geogrid Checker is an essential tool. It’s particularly beneficial for:

  • Local businesses with a brick-and-mortar presence
  • Businesses that rely on local foot traffic
  • Franchise businesses looking to optimize performance across multiple locations.
  • SEO agencies managing local SEO campaigns for clients.

Accessing the Geo Grid Checker

You can access the Geo Grid Checker in two different ways:

 1.  Access Without Adding Profile: Even without adding your Google Business profile to your GBPGM account, you can still access the Geo Grid Checker. Simply visit our website, navigate to the “Check Business Visibility” tab, and proceed with the analysis by setting the grid parameters.

geo grid checker login to gbpgm tool

2.  Access from the Tools Menu: If you have already added your Google Business profile to your GBPGM account, you can directly access the Geogrid Checker from within the app. Log in to your account, go to the “Tools” menu, and select the “Geo Grid Checker” option to proceed with the analysis.

geo grid checker login in gbpgm

download from google play store GBPGM

Step-by-Step Guide to Utilizing the Geo Grid Checker

Follow these steps to effectively use the Geogrid Checker and gain actionable insights about your Google Business profile’s performance in different geographic areas:

Step 1: Access the Geo Grid Checker

If you have added your profile to your GBPGM account, log in to your account and navigate to the “Tools” menu. Click on the “Geo Grid Analysis” option to access the Geo Grid Checker.

If you haven’t added your profile, visit our website, go to the “Check Business Visibility” section, and access the tool directly from there.

Step 2: Set the Grid Parameters

Define the geographic area you want to analyze by setting the grid parameters. You can select the radius, and grid size to customize the analysis.

geo grid analysis and set grid parameters

Step 3: Generate the Geo Grid

Click on the “Scan” button to create the Geo Grid based on your chosen parameters. The Geo Grid will divide the selected area into smaller regions for analysis.

generate geo grid using gbpgm tool

Step 4: Analyze Grid Performance

Review the performance of your Google Business profile within each grid segment. The Geogrid Checker will display rank for each region.

analyse geo grid performance using geogrid

Step 5: Identify Top-Performing Regions

Identify regions with high impressions, clicks, and conversions. These are your top-performing areas, and you can focus on optimizing your profile further in these regions.

Step 6: Address Underperforming Regions

Identify regions with low engagement and conversions. These are areas where you need to improve your profile and local presence to attract more customers.

download from google play store GBPGM


In today’s digital landscape, local SEO is a battlefield, and GBPGM Tool with its Geo Grid Checker is your weapon of choice. By providing unmatched precision, competitor insights, and actionable recommendations, GBPGM equips you to dominate your local market and attract more customers through targeted SEO strategies.

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