Google My Business App has been stopped forever. How to Manage Google Business Profile?

What is Google Business Profile Growth Manager (GBPGM) ?

GBPGM is a free tool to manage your Google Business Profile.

* Create and Manage   A New Google   Business Profile   Account. * View Insights. * Schedule Post and   Media.  * Respond to    Messages or Calls.

Benefits of Google Business Profile Growth Manager

* You can easily    make it to Google    3-Pack quickly. * You can Save your    man hours by   Automatic    posting images,   and photos, and   replying to   reviews. * This tool helps you    monitor your GMB   Profile.

* You will be notified of the rejected posts. * The citation manager helps you create citations more easily. * This tool has a feature to show your Google Business Profile’s health score. *You can generate a customized review link.

How Can A Company Improve Its Profile For Business Growth ?