What is Geotagging of Images? Importance of Geotagging photos for Local SEO

Geotagging is the process of linking geographic coordinates to your images, videos, websites, or other content on social media. It helps users and search engines determine the geographic location of a website. It’s basically assigning longitude, latitude, or geographic metadata to optimize your specific pages on local search engine results pages.

With the ever-changing algorithms and analytics of search engines, it’s important to geotag your web data along with keywords to increase your targeted traffic.

What is Geotagging of Images?

Geotagging isn’t a new concept. For more than a decade, it has been used to create websites. Its importance, on the other hand, is growing, and it is soon becoming a necessary component of local SEO. As more people use their mobile devices to look for information, search engines include their current location in the search results.

The term “geo” refers to a specific area or place. No matter where you are in the globe, a specific geo-location coordinate locates you. The geotagging process is based on a computerized representation of address locations, the street/road network, and postal and administrative boundaries.

When used for local SEO purposes, geotagging defines a specific point where your business is located. Within the “tag” component, geo- or location-identifying information is incorporated.

Geotagging is a crucial step in the process of optimizing images. The use of photos to establish a digital presence fosters trust on the internet.

Why Geotag Photos and Images?

Geotagging is now essential because we are living in the digital age rather than just a fad. Nowadays, people use their mobile devices to do information searches.

Web search engines consider the user’s present location when delivering search results to provide you with more relevant and accurate information.

Your company won’t appear in an image search if your website doesn’t feature high-quality, geotagged photographs. Meanwhile, geotagged images will be displayed first in local search results.

This tactic is essential for improving your digital presence.

Importance of Geotagging photos for Local SEO 

Well-optimized Google Business Profile (earlier Google My Business) directly impacts the Local SEO.

Geotagging is important for Google Business Profile since each listing is based on an exact location and Google Maps (GMB). The consistency of your company’s name, address, and phone number across the various listings on the web is taken into account by Google. Your company is more relevant when these are constant.

Consider that you already have a Google My Business listing with ineffective images. Then, before re-uploading those photographs to your GMB listing, it would be in your best interest to download them, rename them with relevant keywords, and geotag them. At first glance, this process could seem time-consuming, but in the long run, it will be time well spent.

By doing this your images will also appear in the top searches and it will help improve local SEO and ultimately your business will appear in the top local searches too. As a business owner you must know the benefits of Locals SEO for a Business.

How to Geotag Photos and Images for SEO?

  • You may find many web programs to Geotag photos and images. Here I will recommend using Geo Tag Generator a free tool to geotag online.
  • Use Google Business Profile to get your business coordinates (latitude and longitude). (Right-click on your map marker and choose Properties.)
  • Select your picture in Geo Tag Manager.
  • Add more EXIF tags like title, rating, tags, etc.
  • As you finish with EXIF tagging, you can download the geotag image and use them on your business website and other postings.
  • Important SEO Tip – Always use these geotagged images while doing citations in relevant directories for your business, posts on Google Business Profile, Social networking, and other press release distribution services.

Final Thoughts

Nearly 80% to 90% of all searches conducted online globally are on Google. Your internet presence will last longer if you research these search engines’ algorithms for photographs and content that is optimized. Your goal to launch a business, turn leads into clients, and eventually close sales, is being indirectly achieved.

Every minute, 50,000 searches are made online, therefore it’s imperative to maximize your visibility to avoid losing out on potential sales. There are more than 200 different SEO factors available that can help boost the exposure of your website, and we can assure you that the rivals on page one are utilizing these strategies.

According to reports, on average, 6-7 Google searches result in consumers. So, while evaluating the advantages it offers you, having a highly optimized website and having it geotagged is crucial. If you want to improve your onsite SEO and drive more visitors to your site, use geotagged images.


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