How to Send Automatic AI Reply to Google Reviews using GBPGM?

In this blog post, “How to Send Automatic AI Reply to Google Reviews using GBPGM,” we’ll delve into the intriguing realm of AI Automation of Reviews with the Google Business Profile Growth Manager (GBPGM) tool. This robust functionality enables businesses to streamline their review management process, encompassing tasks such as generating automatic replies and suggesting keyword-based reviews for customers to post.

For business owners, their online reputation and reviews are pivotal in attracting new customers and fostering trust with existing ones. The automatic AI reply to Google reviews feature in GBPGM serves as a powerful tool, empowering you to handle reviews more efficiently and optimize your Google Business Profile like never before.

Let’s now explore the step-by-step process of setting up Auto Review Reply and harnessing the Auto Suggestion of Reviews feature using AI.

How to Send Automatic AI Reply to Google Reviews using GBPGM?

GBPGM boasts an exceptional AI-driven review management system with a standout feature for automatically sending AI replies to Google reviews. This comprehensive functionality encompasses auto-suggestions for reviews, the automatic generation of custom AI replies to Google reviews, and a mannual auto-reply system.

Let’s delve into each feature individually to gain a deeper understanding of their capabilities.

A. Setting up Auto-Review Reply

Auto Review Reply is a game-changing feature offered by GBPGM, enabling businesses to automatically respond to customer reviews with personalized messages. This not only saves time but also enhances customer engagement and satisfaction.

Step 1: Enable ChatGPT API Key

Login to GBPGM and navigate to your business profile.

Go to “Additional Settings” and click on “ChatGPT API Key.”

Generate a unique API key on the ChatGPT platform or log in if you already have an account.

Copy the API key and paste it back into GBPGM to enable the AI feature.

Refer to image below for the ChatGPT API Key setup:

chat GPT API key setup in GBPGM

Step 2: Enable Auto Review Reply

With the ChatGPT API key set up, go back to your business profile options.

Click on “Auto custom Reply” and toggle the feature on.

GBPGM will now automatically scan for new reviews every half an hour and generate personalized responses based on the review’s content and rating.

google review insights in gbpgm

B. Auto Suggestion of Reviews

The Auto Suggestion of Reviews feature is a clever way to encourage customers to leave keyword-based reviews. By providing them with ready-made review suggestions, you can ensure that their reviews align with relevant business services and keywords.

Step 1: Generate Review Suggestions

In your business profile, go to the Manage reviews section, in this click on “Auto Suggest Review.”

auto review window in gbpgm

GBPGM will automatically generate review suggestions with your selected keywords.

Create up to 10 unique review suggestions tailored to different services or products offered by your business.

auto review window in gbpgm

Step 2: Share Review Suggestions

Share the generated review suggestions with your customers through various channels.

Include the custom review link provided by GBPGM to make it easy for customers to leave reviews.

Customers can simply click on the link, paste the suggestion, give a rating, and post the review.

Now Review suggestion can be added manually there is a switch given to switch for manual review adding. Default is AI; you can switch to manual and add it manually.

google review suggestions in GBPGM

Step 3: Automatic Review Refresh

After a review suggestion is used by a customer, GBPGM automatically removes it from the list and generates a new one.

This ensures you always have fresh review suggestions available for customers.

Benefits of AI Automation of Review

The AI Automation of Review features in GBPGM offer several advantages for businesses:

  • Time Efficiency: Automating review responses and generating review suggestions saves valuable time for business owners, allowing them to focus on other critical tasks.
  • Consistency: AI-generated responses ensure consistency in communication, maintaining a professional and reliable brand image.
  • Increased Review Frequency: The Auto Suggestion of Reviews feature encourages customers to leave keyword-rich reviews, improving search engine visibility and credibility.
  • Enhanced Reputation: Prompt and personalized review responses contribute to a positive online reputation, fostering trust and loyalty among customers.
  • Customer Satisfaction: AI Automation of Review features lead to quicker responses to customer reviews, showing that their feedback is valued and improving overall satisfaction.
  • Optimized Google Business Profile: Utilizing AI features optimizes your Google Business Profile, increasing its appeal to both search engines and potential customers.

C. Manual Auto Reply

In case  you dont want the review replied by AI still want Auto reply there is a feature where you can define a reply for every star rating , so that when a new review is received the system will reply according the the reply setup by you based on the star rating received. Steps to follow are as below:

Step 1 : Setup the Replies 

set up the reply to google reviews

Here, by going to Manage Review section you get this gear symbol where u have to click and a popup will open up as shown below.

manage review in gbpgm

Here, you can manually create a reply for every review and you can click on AI button on left top corner and generate it via AI if your AI is enabled in the app.

Once done either manually or via automation, click save to save the replies, which you can edit whenever you want.

Step 2: Enable Automatic Review Reply

Then finally switch the toggle to “On”.

Now Reviews will be replied according to the reply setup by you based on the star rating received automatically by GBPGM App. To start and stop you can also enable it from the home page of the app as shown below.

If you have enabled it from inside you will find the toggle button on the home page also enabled.

enable automatic review reply to google reviewsweb sign up GBPGM to improve local SEOConclusion

Thank you for exploring the AI Automation of Review features in GBPGM with us! Leveraging ChatGPT, these automated tools enable you to handle customer reviews more efficiently, saving time and resources while enhancing your online reputation.

As a business owner, your Google Business Profile is a crucial aspect of your online presence, and managing it effectively is vital for attracting and retaining customers. With AI automation, you can optimize your profile, respond to reviews promptly, and ensure a positive customer experience.

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